Guestbook Review:-

“What an awesome ‘Experience the Sounds’ we shared because of you all, I am still pinching myself – The pleasure of watching father & son working as a team was the icing on the cake for me – and my tummy has no more room, thanks to supercalifragilisticexpelidotious food!  Such a memorable adventure”. 

Love from Graham & Denise Stevens – Invercargill.

Spotted by Bottlenose Dolphins!


Great Viewing Spot!    Dolphin Watching... 

Whilst cruising  we saw a massive pod of Bottlenose Dolphins feeding – maybe 40 – 50 of them! All of a sudden,  we were spotted by one then the whole pod  came over to have a race, play &  a rub against the hull.  We all had a very close look at them as they stayed and played for a while….